Jersey Palms Farm

Ocean County's Premier Dressage Boarding Facility


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   Dressage at Jersey Palms

Schooling Show Series 2019  

SHOW DATE                                  OPENING DATE                                     CLOSING DATE

                            April 28, 2019                                       March 1, 2019                                         April 22, 2019                            

                                         July 28, 2019                                       June 1, 2019                                          July 22, 2019                                           

October 20, 2019                               September 1, 2019                                   October 14, 2019

       ORGANIZER/SHOW MANAGEMENT                                             SECRETARY

       Lisa Basselini Dressage                                                                   Karin Worm

       Showgrounds                                                                                   177 S. Stump Tavern Rd

       Jersey Palms Farm                                                                           Jackson, NJ 08527

       177 S. Stump Tavern Rd                                                                  609-213-5745

       Jackson, NJ 08527                                                                 

                                             Judges: 4/28 - Margaret Boyce (R)     - 7/28 - Willette Brown (R)      - 10/20 - Barbara Ebner (S)

Starter Horse or Starter Rider (not having shown above Training Level Test 1)

1. USDF Intro Test A                                                  3. USDF Intro Test C

2. USDF Intro Test B                                                  4. Training Level Test 1

Open Division

5. Training Level Test 1                                               9. First Level Test 2

6. Training Level Test 2                                             10. First Level Test 3

7. Training Level Test 3                                             11. Second Level Test and higher TOC

8. First Level Test 1                                                   12. USDF Rider TOC (specify test on entry)

13. USDF Musical Freestyle TOC                              14. USEA Test of Choice (class may be divided,

      (specify test on entry)                                                 depending on number of entries, specify test on entry)

15. Dressage Seat Equitation                                    16. Western Dressage ToC ( see for current tests)

17. Lead line ToC                                                      18. Costume Class ToC ( Fall show only)


ENTRIES: a) $ 25.00/class (checks payable to Jersey Palms Farm) b) $ 25.00 schooling fee for any horse not competing c) Office fee $10.-             d) Refunds before closing date minus office fee. NO refunds after closing date. e) Negative Coggins within 12 months of show MUST accompany entry. f) Post entry policy and charges: $ 5.00/class.

AWARDS: 6 ribbons per class, Starter, Open and USEA High Score Award of the day.

STARTING TIMES: Available from secretary Thursday prior to show from 6-9 pm only. Please include your email address on entry form and your times will be emailed to you Thursday prior to show.

ARENA: Regulation size outdoor, sand footing.

OTHER INFORMATION: a) Please notify secretary of large trailers or vans. b) All dogs must be leashed. c) Food and beverages available. d) Management reserves the right to cancel, combine and/or add classes and/or judges e) Dress is casual, but neat. It is required that all participants wear approved protective headgear while mounted.